Chaps! The Musical

"Whoa, Brittania! Panic at the BBC in 1944! Tex Riley and America's favorite singing cowboys are late for a special broadcast. Out of desperation, tour manager Mabel and young producer Miles grab whoever they can—snobby announcer Leslie, amiable soundman Archie, a passing soap opera actor named Clive—slap them into costume, hand them scripts (after all, it's radio!) and shove them in front of the studio audience. What follows is a theatrical romp, featuring wonderful cowboy tunes made famous by the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry and others, and classic radio comedy. This is one performance England will never forget." 

Also available as CHAPS: A JINGLE JANGLE CHRISTMAS. Both versions available for professional and community theaters from Samuel French:

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Tacoma Actors Guild, 2003San Jose Stage Company 1999Cincinnati Playhouse, 1998
Milwaukee Repertory, 2005Oregon Cabaret Theatre, 1998Orlando Shakespeare Festival, 2010
Tacoma Actors Guild 2003Tacoma Actors Guild 2003Oregon Cabaret Theatre 1998


October 11th, 2011

Chaps, Lonesome Cowboys No More!

Bonnie Priever—Tolucan Times

Chaps is a hilarious musical comedy, set in WWII, where the Tex Riley and his Radio Roundup singers are scheduled to perform for a war-weary, eager audience. When things go awry, and the “cowboys go missing,” the Brits... are forced to improvise and act out as American cowboys on the range, for the show must go on. The irony here, given the historical backdrop of friction between the British and Americans (dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War) makes the premise of the show priceless!

December 4th, 2010

‘Chaps! A Jingle Jangle Christmas’ at Orlando Shakes

Elizabeth Maupin on Theatre/Orlando

It’s not often that the words “cigareets and whiskey and wild, wild women” turn up in a Christmas show.

But Chaps! A Jingle Jangle Christmas is no ordinary Christmas show – and that’s all to the good.

December 23rd, 2011

Chaps: A Jingle Jangle Christmas at Actors Theatre of Charlotte

Perry Tannenbaum—Charlotte Weekly Creative Loafing

"In the heat of the moment, devoted to the same worthy common goal, men and women working together as a team can accomplish marvelous prodigies — things they never knew they were capable of before. That’s the heart-warming message of Chaps! A Jingle Jangle Christmas, now at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte through tomorrow. "