The Doll People

The Doll People are a family of Victorian china dolls who come to life when humans aren't looking. The day Annabelle finds a mysterious journal is the day she meets her new all-plastic, all-modern  neighbor, Tiffany Funcraft. The two make a pact to search for Auntie Sarah Doll, who disappeared 45 years before. But first they must find the courage to leave the Doll House, hide from humans, escape the cat and be kind to spiders.

About an hour long, with a unit set and 10 original songs, The Doll People was workshopped and performed at Smith College in October 2013. Currently playing at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Holland Michigan through Aug 8, 2014, The Doll People is available for licensing. Contact Pat McLaughlin at for a perusal script.

The photos feature moments from the the Smith College production (directed by Ellen Kaplan, photography by John Crispin) and the Hope Summer Rep's CPT production (directed by Jahnna Beecham, photography by Louis Schakel).

Demo songs performed by Leah Sanginitti (Annabelle, Bobby), Hannah Gassaway (Tiffany, Auntie Sarah); Malcolm Hillgartner (Uncle Doll); piano accompaniment by Darcy Danielson.


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Wetherby Lane—Smith CollegeWetherby Lane—HSRTAnnabelle & Uncle Doll—HSRT
One Chance—HSRTWetherby Lane—HSRTInto the Attic—Smith College
Go Go Go!—HSRTRancher Family Hoedown—HSRTSpiders Everywhere!—HSRT
Wetherby Lane FinaleNever Do That!—HSRTAuntie Sarah in Permanent Doll State—HSRT
When a Sad Thing Becomes a Glad Thing—HSRTLook at Us, Friends Forever!—HSRT


July 9th, 2014

"Hope Rep's dynamic 'Doll People' a great new musical for kids"

Sue Merrell

Hope Summer Repertory Theatre's Children's Performance Troupe has discovered a delightful new children's musical, "The Doll People," which opened July 9 for a packed house of about 100 kids and their parents. Many in the audience were young enough to sit on laps, and yet there was nary a whimper or whine as the fast-paced, 50-minute show unfolded.