They Came From Way Out There

"The members of the Paranormal Society are meeting this evening to elect a new president. The candidates will present a musical show reenacting actual paranormal events that have happened to them or people they know. Personal friction, a limited budget, the fact that they are amateur performers, and an actual Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind take this meeting to a level that no one‑not even the members of the Paranormal Society‑could have imagined!" 

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Artists Repertory Theatre, 2007Oregon Cabaret Theatre, 2004Oregon Cabaret Theatre, 2004
Oregon Cabaret Theatre, 2004Oregon Cabaret Theatre, 2004Oregon Cabaret Theatre, 2004
Artists Repertory Theatre 2007Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2005Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 2005


February 7th, 2007

"They Came From Way Out There" at Milwaukee Rep

Russ Bickerstaff—Third Coast Digest

With all the many different themes and subjects floating around local stages these past few years, it’s surprising that the paranormal hasn’t received much attention.

The Milwaukee Rep rectifies this with a production of Jahnna Beecham and Malcom Hillgartner’s cabaret musical They Came From Way Out There. Authors of last year’s acclaimed cabaret show Chaps!, Beecham and Hillgartner have put together another enjoyable evening of song and dance for the Rep’s Stackner Cabaret.

March 21st, 2004

'Way Out There' takes audiences into a paranormal world.

Richard Moeschl—Medford Mail Tribune

It looks harmless enough, a small dinner theatre building in Ashland with people who look just as normal as you do.

But don't be fooled. Oregon Cabaret Theatre is not what it seems. In fact, nothing in its new production, They Came From Way Out There is what it seems.